Introducing Mr. Ian Woon

“Mr. Ian Woon,” Elyndra murmured to herself once more as she looked down at the business card as she’d been doing since Wolfy and Sky had brought it back aboard the P. Bunny. “Why does that name sound familiar?”

Lt. Wolfy shrugged. “Not sure, Captain. I feel like I’ve heard the name before, too. But can’t remember in connection with what.”

“Don’t look at me, Captain,” Sky murmured. She looked down at the monitor she was keeping an eye on. “But it looks like we’ll be there soon. We’re approaching the coordinates now.”

“You’re right, Sky. We’ll see soon enough. Prepare for another away team. I’ll be joining you this time.”

Wolfy frowned. “As you wish, Captain, of course, but are you sure that’s a good idea?”

Elyndra nodded. “Yes.”


The space station loomed outside, visible in the Bunny’s main viewing port. Elyndra and her two officers studied it for a moment longer. “It’s time, then. Let’s go meet this ‘Mr. Ian Woon’,” the Captain of the Bunny murmured.

Wolfy and Sky both nodded. Wolfy checked the weapon at her hip and Sky adjusted the collar of her uniform. They followed their captain to the teleporter and the handful of cadets they had picked for the team joined them. The cadet manning the teleporter nodded to them and then hit in the coordinates they had been given. The away team shimmered out of existence on the Bunny.

They found themselves in a utilitarian teleporter bay. A set of large doors opened in front of them and a figure was silhouetted in the bright light that poured from it. “Welcome!” The figure stepped forward, revealing a man of average height with sandy brown hair (already gray at the temples), piercing blue eyes, with a tough, leather face that spoke of tales to tell. He wore a cream button up shirt with khaki shorts and a hat with the brim curled up on one side so that it almost touched the crown.

Elyndra stepped down, extending her hand. “Mr. Ian Woon?”

The man took her hand in a strong grip. “Ian is fine.” He spoke with a bit of an accent and his voice was rough, as rough as the palm of his hand. “You must be Captain Elyndra.” He exchanged handshakes and introductions with Wolfy and Sky, then motioned them all to follow him. “I’ve got coffee and these great little chocolates too! Please, have some!”

The three women followed after him, their cadets close behind, observing their surroundings. Mr. Woon’s station was small compared to most, with a few “rooms” connected by long hallways, all connected to one central hub. It was down one of these hallways that he led them now. “So Captain, you said something about a bot named Timmy?”

“Yes, he’s the bot for the SSA. There was an- incident and we’re trying to find him. We found your card when we followed a transponder. Have you seen him?”

The man looked thoughtful for a moment. “Timmy… Timmy… hm, a bot…” He was silent after that, though he still led the way. When they emerged into the next room, he turned, smiling at them. “That reminds me!” The room around them had things all over the walls. Specifically, every kind of hat one could think of, and then there were display stands and other hooks on the walls that held shovels of various kinds as well.

Mr. Woon smiled as he picked up a small shovel, similar to the tactical shovels that the MLS D. Shovel gave its cadets. “Isn’t this a beaut?”

“It’s lovely,” Wolf commented dryly.

Elyndra had to keep from smiling. Instead, she asked, “Mr. Woon? I mean, Ian. Do you happen to have any information on Timmy?”

He seemed confused. “Timmy?” He blinked and looked around at his vast collection of shovels and hats. “Oh right, Timmy! Your bot, yes? Sorry, can’t say as I met him. But I do know, the raptors have been actin’ funny. Then again, can never trust a raptor.” He nodded at that piece of advice. Then his face brightened. “Would you like to hear about the time I was made a honorary member of a pack of raptors on Taurus 9?” He seemed so excited, not even Lt. Wolfy had the heart to tell him, ‘no.’


By the time the away team stumbled off the teleporter platform on the Bunny, many of the crew was there, looking worried. “Captain! Are you ok?” one cadet asked worriedly.

Elyndra managed a smile. “We’re fine, cadet. I just- had no idea one man had so many stories about raptors…”

Lt. Wolfy, normally so stoic, could only nod weakly. Chief Sky let out a groan. “I really hope the other ships are having better luck,” Wolfy muttered as she helped her Captain and Sky off the platform. They all needed to relax, and a very large cup of caffeine.


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