The Missing are Found

A new day had dawned over the somber crew of the MLS H. Viking. Captain Eldarwen had sent her report to the Academy, but had yet to receive any instructions from them beyond the information that no backup was available at this time since all ships were currently involved in the quest to find Timmy and the MLS C. Baty.

“We can’t wait any longer,” Eldarwen said, standing abruptly from where the Viking leaders had been sitting scratching their heads and worrying themselves sick over the lost wrimos.

“Agreed,” Lt. Commander Aka-Click said. “Something needs to be done.”

“I’ll bring my flame thrower!” Ensign Kdskid007 jumped up and waved her companion around enthusiastically, accidentally setting off a jet of flame. In the direction of the com.

With huge eyes, Eldarwen and Aka-Click looked at the fiery fiends licking at their controls and once again burst into action, trying to put out the fire. It was a good thing they were used to this by now and knew what to do, and of course they always had everything handy to combat fire with, just in cases like these. Or maybe this really wasn’t such a good thing and they should have yet another solid lecture on fire safety. Then again, they were vikings..

“Kds…,” Eldarwen started, giving the ensign a glare but didn’t continue her sentence. What was the use? That flame thrower was as much a part of Kds as her constant arguments with Timmy.

“I think you effectively killed it,” Aka-Click reported from her check-up of the controls. “I can’t get out a message. There’s only static on the line and the computer is giving me the technical equivalent of the middle finger.”

“That settles it then.”

With those words, the three head Vikings marched into the common room where most of the cadets were procrastinating.


The “planning” had gone as well as it always did with the Vikings, as shown by the Kick-Off Party that was held during last-minute preparation time. This basically meant that there hadn’t been much of a plan creation at all. Nevertheless, all the remaining Vikings were brandishing whatever weapons they could find (knives, spoons, viking hats, guns, axes, mallets, hammers, even a sword or two, etc.) and were standing ready for Eldarwen’s signal to go rushing into the fray.

There was only one thought on their mind: They needed to rescue their fellow cadets from those beastly raptors! Timmy’s weird message had turned into a warcry and periodically, the cadets were shouting: “Kill, raptors, kill!” to pass the time until they were released into the wild, again.

While Eldarwen wasn’t quite convinced by the sanity of this so-called plan, she sounded a loud Viking cry, which was immediately picked up by the rest of the crew of the MLS H. Viking, and out they stormed into the trees to hunt down the raptors and rescue their shipmates. Expecting the worst, but all along hoping for the best despite knowing they were grossly outnumbered.

Captain Eldarwen ordered for everyone to stay together as she did her best to follow the trail of the abducted cadets. It wasn’t too hard since the latter had put up a valiant struggle against their reptilian captors. All tracks seemed to lead towards one of the larger hills they had seen from above upon their arrival. It was probably where they had their nests and where they kept their food storage…. They had to do everything in their power to prevent the cadets from being turned into food!

Out of nowhere a figure had stepped into their path and the Vikings scrambled to a halt, weapons drawn and ready.

The figure was resembling a human in shape, sort of. It was tall and somewhat willowy, looking as though it could easily hide behind one of the many trees without anything sticking out. It was dressed in what could only be described as biology gear. The colours fit the surroundings, a wide-brimmed hat was perched on its slightly elongated head and there were instruments and pouches strapped all about its person. What really clashed with the Vikings’ determined and fierce expressions was the look of utter curiosity and excitement on the being’s face.

“Wha….” one of the cadets squeaked and then quickly shut up again.

“Greetings strangers!” A grand sweeping gesture of its arms accompanied the words and the Vikings were momentarily stunned.

Clearing her throat, Aka-Click started: “We are on a very important mi…”

But the figure kept talking as though she had not spoken at all. “I must ponder, why deep into raptor territory you dare wander?”

“We need to rescue our cadets and friends. The raptors abducted them yesterday.” Eldarwen answered, puzzled at the way the creature was talking. Remembering her manners, she quickly added: “May we ask who you are and what you are doing here?”

“I come from a galaxy far far away, and you may call me Sonicay. I’ve studied these raptors for many a year but recently they’ve much to fear.”

“You sound like you might know a lot about raptors,” the Captain started and the alien nodded happily and waved for them to follow him.

“If you mean to charge in with weapons drawn then I can assure you that it won’t be long

before those you seek will end up in the permanent sleep.  Let me assist you with this quest. For you must believe it would be best.”

Completely bewildered and somewhat at a loss, the Vikings exchanged a few confused and curious looks before they decided to take their chance and follow the alien being. As expected, they ended up in sight of a slightly larger hill, the side of it looking like a slice of Swiss cheese. Caverns upon caverns peppered its side and wherever they looked there were raptors, and even a few velociraptors circled its crest.

“So let me get this straight.” Aka-Click said to Sonicay while Eldarwen and Kdskid007 were dividing the crew into three groups. “Each one of us will come at the raptors from a different side with our group and we’re just to walk in and take the cadets without worrying about the raptors?” Despite her skeptical tone, the alien nodded with a smile.

“And you’re going to make sure the raptors aren’t going to attack us?” A nod and a smile again. “Well, we better hope this works!” Aka-Click said, sounding resigned. What else was there to do anyway? Sonicay had offered to help and frankly, they could use it. If his plan didn’t work, they could still resort to violence if necessary.

From there on out, it all went surprisingly smooth. Sonicay had not been lying when he said that he was going to get them into the middle of the fray without trouble. His voice was melodious, absolutely beautiful and mesmerising. It was gently flowing like leaves on a light summer breeze, entrancing the raptors, who loosened their grips on the cadets and all but sat down on their haunches to listen to that wonderful voice.

Soon enough, the kidnapped cadets, more or less intact, were snatched right from under the raptors’ claws and the crew was sent running back to the ship as fast as they could under the watchful eye of Ensign Kdskid007 and her flame thrower. Aka-Click and Eldarwen remained behind to once again thank Sonicay for his precious help, realising that they would never have been able to pull this off without help, Viking strength or no.

“Thank you for your assitance friend…” Eldarwen started off saying and paused for a second trying to think of a rhyme. It had been awhile since she’d had the pleasure of communicating with a new species.

“It was my pleasure to you all.” Sonicay said. “To not let your crewmates fall. My raptors are safe and sound. That scoundrel Timmy nowhere to be found. Your metal friend gave us quite the fright before flying off into the night. He left behind these words in a note; perhaps you can make sense of what he wrote?”

“It’s hard to believe that this is the end.” Aka-Click interjected with a grin. Sonicay made a gesture that neither of Eldarwen or Aka-Click understood fully.

Eldarwen took the crumpled piece of paper and glanced briefly at the words. Her brow furrowed as she tried to make sense of what was written. She shook her head and placed the note carefully in her pocket.

Smiling and waving at their new-found ally, the two made their way back to the ship to make sure all the cadets were cared for and hadn’t burned down the ship during their brief absence. One could never know with those Vikings.


“How in the Baty are we supposed to decipher this nonsense?!” Eldarwen grumbled as they were sitting over Timmy’s latest message composed of a bunch of random words that seemed to make no sense whatsoever.

She read it through again: “Thank you. Ya. Raptor. I suppose? Not yet. I should head out to that one. One! nothin’ wrong with said.”

Kds, her flamethrower banished from this particular meeting, was sitting opposite the Captain, glaring at the message as if it were Timmy himself. “It’s from Timmy. Need I say more?”

“Well, no…” Eldarwen munched around on her pen. “But we should be able to figure something out, right?”

Just then, there was a beeping sound that made them all jump up. Aka-Click, who was sitting nearest the controls turned around to give an incredulous stare at the com. “I thought this was fried?”

“That is what you said,” confirmed the Captain.

And yet, there was a piece of paper coming through. “A message from the Ninja,” Aka-Click shouted, ripping the paper from the machine as soon as the word ‘end’ appeared. The other two crowded around her, all trying to read the message at the same time, and then looking at each other in surprise.

“Escaped certain doom? Really?” Aka-Click asked with a raised eyebrow.

“That doesn’t sound like Ninja at all,” Eldarwen agreed while Kds nodded her own agreement to that sentiment. The crew of the Ninja were the most organised and prepared out there after all. “But look at that, they found another message from Timmy. I wonder what it says and if it somehow fits with what our messages says,” the Captain mused as she looked through the window that give them a glimpse of the the cadets celebrating in the large room below.


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