Ceci n’est pas a post.

They say the early bird catches the worm. However, I’m sad to inform you that, in this case, the early reader will not catch the first post (yet). You see, this might look like a post, but it isn’t. Not really. Yes, we are aware that is a bit of a contradiction. Technically you could argue that this is in fact a post, but really everyone knows that getting by on technicalities is a bit of an easy way out. Don’t you think? Let’s just say that spiritually this is not a post.

Now if this isn’t a post, then what is this weird contradictory piece of text doing here?

Well, we at the Academy are well aware we left all of you on what some might be tempted to call an evil cliff hanger. I’m sure you’ve all been sitting at the edge of your seat, waiting — no needing! — to find out what had happened. We can only imagine the suffering you all must have gone through, waiting an entire year to find out the result of an impulsive press of a button.
(We at the Academy don’t recommend impulsively hitting buttons in your personal life…. Unless, of course, you are a Viking. In which case we are well aware that no amount of recommendations or good advice will stop you from doing anything. Still, let us suggest that you at least put on protective gear before doing so.)

Alas, at this point in time we cannot alleviate your surely insurmountable agony of not knowing. We are currently running around doing last minute prep before all the Cadets, new and returning, are set to arrive. There is cleaning to be done, training equipment to dust off, writing utensils to gather, Timmy’s fridges to dodge, clutter to stuff in whatever drawer or closet still has some room left and flammable objects to keep away from Lieutenant Kdkskid. As you can understand, this leaves no room to sit down for a few second and give you an account of events past and present.

But fret not, early reader, for we will be back soon. Just stay balancing on that edge of your seat for a teensy bit longer and we will shortly present you with a post that can in fact be named a post. And not just on technical reason only.

-The Academy leaders-


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