2016 Story Recap

Last year at the Space Scribblers Academy, the intrepid explorers were called into action when Timmy, the academy robot, stole the new prototype flagship. The MLS C. Baty. Surprised and shocked, the leaders of the SSA and their new recruits sprung into action to retrieve Timmy and the new flagship.

As they travelled into uncharted space in search of the malfunctioning robot and purloined ship, the leaders and cadets discovered many strange and wonderful things. Most importantly, they discovered that the nonsense Timmy had been spouting and the places they had tracked him to weren’t random. With the clever crew of the MLS D. Shovel leading the way they found Timmy and the MLS C. Baty. They also found something they hadn’t been expecting – velociraptors.

Timmy had led them on a mission to save the endangered velociraptors. With his communication matrix now unjumbled, Timmy was able to communicate to everyone what had been happening and why he had stolen the MLS C. Baty. He had been trying to save the once endangered velociraptor population from being overcrowded on a single planet. They needed new space to roam.

The cadets and crews of the ships wrangled the raptors onto the ships and safely transported them back to the SSA, where they were able to assign the velociraptors to new, safe homes with the help of a super powered transporter. Once again, all was well in the Wrimoverse.

Until Ensign Kdskid uttered the words that froze everyone in their tracks. “Hey guys? What’s this button do?”

Want to read the entire story in full? You can, just go here.


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