Stay away from the red button!

“Remember, this area is strictly off limits. When it says “do not touch”, then you do not touch. There may be severe repercussions, if you do. If Timmy is in an unforgiving mood there might even be a fridge or two headed your way.”

“What if someone accidentally touches it?” a new cadet asked, curiously eyeing the fat red button that caused this lecture.

“Can’t happen,” Ensign Cerrenes explained. “There’s a special forcefield around it, but rules are still rules and should be followed.”

Nodding, the cadets eyed the button a little longer while their guide already moved along. “This is the command center of the MLS P. Ninja. Our Captain WitchyRobyn can most often be found here along with Commander Kistoway and Lt. Jr. Grade Neina. If you ever have any questions, feel free to come to them with whatever weighs on you. Lieutenant Alainainthesky should technically be here as well but knowing her she’s already off taking selfies with the cadets who have arrived before you. She just loves that camera of hers.” Cerrenes smiled at the cadets and waved them along to continue their tour.


Meanwhile, the senior crew of the MLS P. Ninja remained bent over the various documents spread out on the table, completely oblivious to the tour that had just passed by.

“I can make neither heads nor tails of this,” Commander Kistoway said, shaking her head. “I cannot figure out how this portal suddenly opened up. And at the press of a button no less.”

“The crumbs and food stains make for a nice addition though,” Neina joked as she examined a detailed drawing of the portal’s outline. “But agreed, it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. And there are no hints anywhere as to where it might lead either.”

“Has anyone been able to figure out what these odd signals mean that keep coming from its general vicinity?” Captain WitchyRobyn asked, brow furrowed as she went over these signals for what seemed like the hundredth time. Just then, their instruments beeped, announcing yet another incoming signal from the mysterious portal. “If only we could figure out what these meant then we’d finally know a little more. I really do not like this.”

“No, they come at semi-regular intervals but there are barely any repeat patterns,” Kistoway replied. “It’s what makes it particularly hard to try and make sense of this. Everything seems so completely random.”

WitchyRobyn got up from her chair and stretched. “Very well. We may not have an explanation yet but we’ll figure it out. One way or another.” The others followed suit and got up as well while their captain continued: “Kistoway and I will take all of this documentation to the captain’s meeting. Maybe one of them has an idea on how to figure this out. Neina, you and Alainainthesky are in charge during our absence. Please ensure all new cadets are settled and happy.”


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