Never trust a Viking.

Sitting around the private– and very comfortable– lounge that was reserved for highly important meetings, the Captains and Commanders of the four ships looked at each other.

“So, what are we going to do about that portal?” Aka-Click asked into the round. The Viking leaders were united in their wish to go exploring but knew that the other ships might not be so inclined. Nevertheless, if they wanted to do that, there was only one way to get the others to agree. “It might be worth venturing through it.”

Immediately, the Shovel Commander Rue.Tyler spoke up: “You cannot be serious. We have no idea what is on the other side. You can’t simply go through a portal to have a fly about.” WitchyRobyn nodded her agreement to this statement, adding: “So far, we have not had any conclusive information on this phenomenon. It would be far too risky. Suicidal, actually.”

“Not that that comes as such a shock to our dear Vikings,” Elyndra added with a grin. “But I do agree that we should be careful about how this is handled. Especially now that the new cadets have arrived. We should be putting forth a good example.”

Eldarwen almost grinned but managed to keep it from stretching across her face. Impressing the new cadets was exactly what she had had in mind and from the first look she had gotten at them, she knew they would be up for an adventure, no matter how dangerous – according to some. She made sure her response sounded far more reasonable than what she was thinking however: “While I do agree that we need to take care of our new recruits, I also agree with Aka-Click that we need to do something if we want to learn what this portal is exactly and where it leads.”

IronAngel spoke up for the first time at this: “There is the possibility of flying within its general vicinity instead as a way to get more data. But carefully!”

Aka-Click instantly grabbed at that chance. “Of course we would be careful, but it would most definitely give us better data and maybe a clearer idea if we could move closer. As it is now, there is nothing to be gained from puzzling things over without anything real to go on.”

The back and forth continued like this for a while, especially since nobody wanted to believe that the Viking crew would be careful, or even knew the meaning of the word. Some argued to stay put and look after the cadets, some argued that it would be better to inspect the matter. Finally, SheWolf, the Commander of the Bunny who had kept silent as she looked from one to the other, pondering over the various options, spoke up. “Maybe it would be in our best interest in the long run if we could learn a little more. Otherwise we will never be able to properly decide what to do with this ominous portal.”

Several heads nodded their agreement, this conclusion slowly seeming the best option for most of them. “But the risks….” Commander Kistoway, who valiantly tried to keep up her captain’s point, didn’t get to say much more as the argument erupted again.

At long last, Captain Eldarwen raised her voice over the general cacophony. “Ladies and Gents, please. The Viking offers to make the flyby – from a distance,” she added at several raised eyebrows while she and Aka-Click crossed their fingers behind their backs. “We promise to be careful and collect as much information as we possibly can without getting too close.”

There was another moment of muttering, raised eyebrows and glares before all were agreed. The Viking would undertake a careful inspection from afar.


After the Viking crew had returned to their ship, Aka-Click turned to Eldarwen. “We’re totally going to fly into the portal, aren’t we?”

“Vikings are the best at sailing into the unknown and making the best of it. So, yes, of course we are,” Eldarwen replied with a grin.


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