Of powers, post-its and charades.

“This is a bad idea,” Lt. Jr. Grade Lauren muttered under her breath as she and the other officers of the Bunny stood on the bridge.

Commander Wolfy slid a look her way. “Of course it is,” she agreed. “Don’t have much of a choice, though.”

The Bunny was approaching the portal, the other two ships close behind. It had been decided that the Bunny would go first since the other ships had better instrumentation for this kind of thing with the personnel that knew what they were doing.

“Are we sure this is necessary?” Hedgy asked, pursing her lips.

“Yes, this is necessary. We can’t leave the Vikings by themselves. Look at how much trouble they’ve gotten into already,” Captain Elyndra replied. She was only half joking.

The portal loomed closer through the viewing port. Wolfy shifted, her arms crossed over her chest.  She went to the comm station and turned it on. “To all cadets.  We are about to enter the portal. Be prepared for anything! Don’t forget your training! Hold steady, the unknown doesn’t have to be a scary place. Use what you’ve been taught. Help your fellow cadets. We are the Bunny! We boldly chase those plot bunnies until we’ve exhausted every opportunity! Woohah!”

She faced forward again. All the officers shared a look and then the Bunny’s instruments began to go wild and they flew into the portal.


The ship emerged on the other side, barely worse for wear. It didn’t look much different than when they had left, though their sensors continued to scream. The crew spent several minutes attempting to re-calibrate them, to no avail; and they were eventually shut off. It had nothing to do with Lt. Jr. Grade Lauren’s couple of “love kicks”.

“Captain, the last coordinates we have from the Viking are leading us here,” Hedgy called out, putting it up on the view screen.

“Take us in, helm.” Elyndra and Wolfy shared a look. There was a feeling of déjà-vu.

Though everyone was braced for trouble, finding where the Viking had been went fairly smoothly. They saw the large furrows the ship had dug into the ground as it crashed. There was concern on everyone’s face as the Captain ordered the Bunny to land as close to the downed Viking as it was safe to get.

When the Bunny touched down, what little sensors that still worked showed the Ninja and Shovel were close behind. The three ships landed as close as they could get. Coordinating with Captains IronAngel and WitchyRobyn, Elyndra ordered the doors opened. The officers gathered their cadets and with Timmy left to guard the ships, they trekked over the rough ground to the Viking, calling out for the lost crew.

There was no answer.

As they approached, Wolfy’s keen sight picked out something that seemed to be flapping a bit in the breeze, attached to the door on the Viking. She ground her teeth as she picked it up. We’re not here right now. We’ve gone exploring!  Be back later.

She ground her teeth harder as she showed it to the other leaders, muttering darkly under her breath.  “I am going to beat them with a stick, I swear it.”  She repeated it a couple times, at one point adding something about a pointy stick.

The other officers grimaced. Then there was a collective gasp. As Wolfy kept muttering, there was an odd popping noise. In her hand appeared a large stick. She didn’t notice it at first. When she did, her jaw dropped and she just stared at the object in her hand. She gripped it with one hand and poked it with the other, trying to figure out if she was seeing things.

“Um, you all see this right?”

When they just nodded, she huffed out a breath. “Ooooo-k. Just what have the Vikings gotten us into this time?” She stared at the stick, as if waiting for something else to happen. As she did, it vanished!

“Ack!” She jumped back, her arms windmilling around in a quick one-two punch and grab, though there were no opponents for her to disarm. “Um… ok.  So-”  Before she could finish the sentence she thought of needing a good strong drink entered her mind.  In her hand, appeared a bottle of top shelf whiskey.

Her eyes widened. “D-do we have… powers?”

The other Captains and officers looked around at one another, as confused as Wolfy. WitchyRobyn stepped forward, approached slowly. “I don’t-”  She blinked, reached up to rub at her temple and then whirled around, pinning one of her cadets with a look. “Don’t even think about it!” she snapped. “No drinks for you!”

The poor cadet looked absolutely dumbfounded. Though not as dumbfounded as their Captain.  Witchy blinked once again, then swallowed. She turned back around to look at Wolfy. “Um, that is a distinct possibility. The powers.”

The other officers all shared a look.

“Let’s keep moving!” Wolfy blurted out, tucking the bottle of whiskey into her pack– just in case, of course. She and a couple of the cadets found the tracks that lead away from the Viking. They led the way, everyone on high alert.

As they crested a rise, the whole group stopped. “Wh-what are they doing?” Commander RueTylar whispered to her Captain.

“I think,” IronAngel answered slowly, “they are playing charades?”

“With dinosaurs?”

Indeed, Commander Aka-click, Captain Eldarwen, Twinkletoes, Lt. Kdskid, and CrimsonThirteen were all gesticulating wildly. A group of dinosaurs stood in front of them staring at the Viking crew, their heads tilted to the side in what could only be utter confusion. Or perhaps amusement. It was hard to tell. They were dinosaurs, after all.

Dinosaurs. Again.

What had the Vikings done this time?


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