The temple of… Do you hear ringing?

While the other ships had divided their crews to form teams for material or information gathering, the Vikings had gone off on their next adventure. (There had been some muttering about them getting into trouble again but they had just pretended not to hear.) Of course they had also volunteered for the most dangerous of tasks: namely, finding a very special dinosaur who apparently also spoke their language. Or so BlackberrySpark had assured them.

At first, they hadn’t been quite sure whether to believe this ridiculous sounding story of a sort of mad scientist dinosaur living as a recluse away from the rest of the creatures, but BlackberrySpark insisted that her new friends had been very adamant about this. Apparently the dinosaur could be of assistance in their various predicaments – broken ship, unknown metals, asteroid.

“In the end, this is not so out of the ordinary for us,” Commander Aka-Click commented as they made their way through the jungle following some half-hearted (or only half-understood) directions.

“True enough. We’re just going to make some impossible reparations without the proper materials and tools, while at the same time rescuing a bunch of dinosaurs. We’ve done it before, we can do it again. Right?”

“Absolutely, Captain!” Kdskid007 replied with utter confidence, giving their flamethrower a loving pat. Eldarwen was not quite certain it had been a good idea to let them bring it along on the excursion, but since Kds was sneezing fire in this dimension, the Ensign a hazard one way or another.

“What is that over there?” Ensign CrimsonThirteen and several of the cadets had stopped and were now pointing towards an interesting looking structure.

“Absolutely no idea,” Captain Eldarwen replied as she took in the huge building, nestled among the trees. It was nearly swallowed by the greenery around it but once it was seen, its magnificence could definitely not be ignored anymore. “There has been no mention of a temple in the directions, if that is what it is.”

“It looks amazing,” Aka-Click murmured, cocking her head slightly to the side in contemplation, even as she reached up to pull a floating cadet back to the ground. “Are you thinking what I am thinking?” She gave her captain a questioning look.

“Do you really have to ask that?” Eldarwen grinned and before she said a single word, Ensign TwinkleToesTheBerserker popped up next to her. “Ensign, gather the cadets! We are going on a little adventure before completing our mission.”

“Yessir!” Off Twinkle went and soon after, the Vikings were headed into the temple with various exclamations of wonder and excitement. As they passed through an entrance big enough to fit a mammoth, the murmuring grew quiet. A temple designed by dinosaurs was a sight to behold in its enormity.

“What’s this?” One cadets asked as they reached out to touch a strange object that was sticking out of the floor. As they did so the entire temple began to rumble and shake.

Crrrreeeeaaaaaaak. BANG!

Everyone jumped as an unknown door slammed shut unexpectedly, leaving them almost entirely in the dark. Thankfully a few of the cadets appeared to be luminescent, which helped the situation slightly, but now they were trapped and needed a way out of here.

“Alright everyone. Buddy system,” Captain Eldarwen called out. “We need to stick together because you never know… Could someone please give that cadet a shake, I think their glow is fading.”

A few people reached out to shake the poor cadet, who did glow brighter after the slight jostling.

Of course, as was typical for the Vikings, everything got more interesting from there on out. Yet they remained in good spirits, and even enjoyed all the little mishaps they encountered.

They were faced with traps of all kinds. Their new special powers made things easier in some cases, more difficult in others. At one point Commander Aka-click went falling to what she thought was her doom when the floor disappeared beneath her only to discover that she could bounce. Which then resulted in her purposely bouncing off of things and all too often into other people.

Several plucky cadets offered themselves up as shields against the darts that flew at them everytime they tried to enter a particular hallway (obviously the one with the light at the end of it and most obvious to lead somewhere fun) when they realized they had impermeable skin.

In this way, they made it through the labyrinth of deadly traps without a single loss. Although they almost lost a few to sugar overload when someone, no one was sure who, turned the sand trap into a giant pile of grape flavoured sugar candy instead.

All throughout, the cadets were following the exhilarated senior crew of the ship who kept encouraging them all to go on. Kdskid007 set a few things on fire along the way – some on purpose, some not so much – and a few hairs were singed. Multiple bruises and scratches marred most of the Vikings but their grins never faded.

It was a truly extraordinary temple and such an adventure none of them had expected. After all, who in the Academy could say that they had felt like the famous Indiana Jones, even if just for a few minutes?

Suddenly the labyrinth of tunnels and small rooms opened into a large and very bright chamber. Sunlight was streaming in from a few openings around the upper half of the room, illuminating a myriad of paintings and statues. A lot of ooh-ing and aah-ing followed the discovery until their eyes were drawn away from the incredible artwork to a row of pedestals at the backend of the chamber.

“What is it?” was a question that was uttered many times over as everyone gathered around the central pedestal. It was Ensign CrimsonThirteen who spoke up, identifying the ancient device correctly.

“It’s an old cellphone. A Nokia to be exact.”


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