Want to see the feats of days past?
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Into the Wrimoverse – Captains’ Log 2016


Hall of Fame – 2016

Ship Cup Winner: MLS P. Bunny

The final points were as follows:

MLS P. Bunny – 3728
MLS H. Viking – 3661
MLS P. Ninja – 3626
MLS D. Shovel – 3607



  • aka-click – for helping a Cadet with their plot and research/ for her ever positive outlook on life, her sense of humour and for being eternally supportive
  • AlainaintheSky – for running amazing prep events and being a cheerful and encouraging presence
  • Art4Earthlings – for being very encouraging to a Cadet and explaining Scrivener
  • bhuss992 – for participating and then some during an event
  • Captian Quirk – for motivating and encouraging another Cadet
  • Cinner – for encouraging and helping a fellow Cadet out
  • Contemplative Cat – for being a listening ear, a source of advice and support, and being a caring and kind person
  • DeltaOutlaw – for persevering in times of personal hardship, and over all positive attitude and helpfulness
  • Denise Claas – for being an active and supportive presence, and being an all-round awesome person
  • Eldarwen – for always being there for others, helping, listening and encouraging them/ for being supportive during tough times, and helping a Cadet through a rough patch/ for kind encouragement and keeping the spirit of NaNo alive/ for support, encouragement and being her positive self
  • Elyndra – for exceeding patience and kindness during exceedingly trying times/ for helping a Cadet through a tough patch, being supportive and helpful and encouraged them to keep going/ for helping out another region and providing novel help/ for helping with a writing breakdown, for being patient and supportive even when not feeling good herself/ for their creative mad hatter mind and being there for others
  • Gnatalie31 – for Helping a fellow Cadet by attempting to do her novel’s cover art
  • harper57 – for encouragement and helpfulness, both with writing and unrelated life events
  • IceMask01 – for cheering on and supporting a fellow Cadet
  • IronAngel – for being supportive, encouraging and a constant source of interesting conversations, information and plot ideas/ for helping with research above and beyond the original question/ for spinning great tunes, being a cool captain, and general awesome dude
  • Kdskid007 – for being awesome, supportive and persevering through difficult times
  • Kistoway – for being a helping hand whenever and wherever it is needed
  • KWillsen – for going out of their way to alert us to a potential problem
  • musictrance – for general cheer, fun and livening up the chat/ for helping out other Cadets despite personal struggles
  • Phoenixjewel – for being supportive and positive when others are behind, and being an all round great person
  • Rue.Tylar – for persevering when times get hard, yet still finding the time to be kind and caring towards others
  • sage_halo – for being there for less fortunate fellow Cadets/ for donating in others’ names and going above and beyond the call of duty
  • Shewolf13 – for being an ever helpful hand and full of support and cheer/ for helping out a fellow Academy Leader in need
  • Shiva Adler – for cheering on and supporting another Cadet
  • SilverDolphin218 – for being an in sync writing buddy through all of nano/ for encouragement and kindness during an online write-in
  • SunnySSSinger – for writing over 200k
  • Twinkle Toes The Berserker – for being coolheaded and resilient in times of hardship and always remaining the cheerful, caring presence despite personal struggles./ for encouragement, kindness and cheering up a Cadet
  • Utoxin – for running ChatNaNo, which is a big part of making Wrimoverse possible
  • WitchyRobyn – for being awesome, supportive and always ready to help out those who need a hand
  • Everyone – for being awesome and writely, i.e. writely awesome





  • aka-click
  • AlainaintheSky
  • Amberonline
  • Angelscythe
  • CeliaLauna
  • Contemplative Cat
  • Denise Claas
  • Eldarwen
  • Elyndra
  • FionaAmbrosius
  • frostyferret
  • glphillips
  • Gnatalie31
  • GuardiansFlame
  • hedgymama
  • Hush Rush
  • IronAngel
  • julianne14grace99
  • Karen Dem
  • Kdskid007
  • Kistoway
  • mandiquid
  • melanie.masala
  • mewlnir
  • mmouse
  • musictrance
  • Rue.Tylar
  • Shewolf13
  • Sofke2
  • SunnySSSinger
  • TheMomof6Boys
  • Trillian
  • TurningThePages
  • Twinkle Toes The Berserker
  • Utoxin
  • WitchyRobyn
  • weinerjm
  • Wergath
  • Yue-chan