Here is a list of all available badges and the tasks you need to complete to earn each one. Note that some task can be done multiple times for more rewards.

All points build towards your ship’s standing in the Ship Cup, so be sure to log your points on a regular basis.

You can download, save and use the badges you earned on social media or your own site.

Do not link directly from these images, but be sure to download them to your own computer and use other hosting sites where needed. Thank you.


Sun Sun: Blue Sun – 5pts

  • Create or Update NaNo profile – 1pt
  • Create a novel – 1pt
  • Home to any region – 1pt
  • Visit Wrimoverse website – 1pt
  • Get assigned to a ship – 1pt
Mercury Mercury: But is it Retrograde or not? – 5pts

  • Post in your region introduction thread – 1pt
  • Reply to ship lounge thread in your home region forum – 1pt
  • Post in Wrimoverse thread on another region – 1pt
  • Read stickied post in home region – 1pt
  • Start an on topic thread – 1pt
badge-venus Venus: Star of Eärendil – 5pts

  • Add a synopsis or cover photo – 1pt
  • Log in to Wrimoverse chat – 1pt
  • Check the events page on Wrimoverse – 1pt
  • Post in your regional forum about your fave food – 1pt
  • Post in one of the non-Wrimoverse threads on your regional forum – 1pt
Earth Earth: Mostly Harmless – 5pts

  • Attend a prep event – 1pt
  • Attend the Launch Party (Wrimoverse KO) – 1pt
  • Attend the regional KO (in person or online) – 1pt
  • Get a writing buddy – 1pt
  • Check out the story page on Wrimoverse – 1pt
Moon Moon: That’s no moon it’s a space station! – 5pts

  • Start writing – 1pt
  • Get the first day goal – 1pt
  • Write more than the first day goal (get a buffer) – 1pt
  • Do the first word war/word sprint of the month – 1pt
  • Visit the Wrimoverse or regional chat – 1pt
Mars Mars: Wave to Marvin! – 5 pts

  • Attend a Regional Write in (In person or online) – 1pt per event
  • Attend a Wrimoverse Write in – 1pt per event
  • Host a Write in (in person or online) – 1pt
  • Lead a word sprint – 1pt per day
  • Post to social media about a Write In – 1pt per shared Write In
Asteroid Belt Asteroid Belt: Recruit, the possibility of successfully navigating an asteroid field is approximately 3,720 to 1. But you did it! – 5 pts

  • Start the Crawl – 1pt
  • Visit the next region on the list – 1pt
  • Visit five regions – 1pt
  • Post in the crawl thread of a region – 1pt per post (10 total)
  • Finish the entire Crawl – 1pt
Jupiter Jupiter: Home of Jupiter Mining Company – 5 pts

  • Respond to a daily prompt – 1pt per week
  • Help out another Wrimo (plot help, advice, problem solving…) – 1pt
  • Fill out a kudos on another WriMo/receive a kudos – 1pts per each valid report (we will notify you)
  • Send an encouraging message to another Wrimo – 1pt
  • Read at least one archived peptalk – 1pt
Saturn Saturn: Cykranosh – 5 pts

  • Attend Double up Day – 1pt
  • Attend Hyperdrive to 25K – 1pt
  • Attend Rovering to 50K – 1pt
  • Attend Turkzilla – 1pt for day over the 4 day Thanksgiving weekend
  • Get a shout out during one of these events (donate, reach a word count goal) – 1pt
Uranus Uranus: Taranium Mines – 5 pts

  • Reached 1k – 5pts
  • Reached 1st 5k – 5 pts
  • Every 10k Written (10,20,30,40) – 5 pts
  • Reached 25k – 5 pts
  • Reached 50k – 10 pts
  • 50k+ – 1 pt for every 10k over 50
Neptune Neptune: Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster – 5pts

  • Ship wins weekly word war – 1pt
  • Story Participation (achieved by commenting on the post where the story is) – 1pt
  • Post to social media about Wrimoverse – 1pt
  • Create team spirit (Cheer on your ship, support fellow cadets, create an heroic poem…) – 1pt
  • Report your points each week – 1 pt/week
Pluto Pluto: Would you like a jelly baby? – 5pts

  • Backed up your novel – 1 pt/week
  • Participate in Staff appreciation day – 1pt
  • Participated in ML appreciation day – 1pt
  • Donated to NaNoWriMo (get a halo) – 1pt
  • Validate your novel – 1pt
Kuiper Belt Kuiper Belt: So long, and thanks for all the fish. – 5 pts

  • Attend the Party at Milliway’s (Wrimoverse TGIO) – 1pt
  • Attend the regional TGIO – 1pt
  • Vowed to keep in touch with at least one wrimo after November – 1pt
  • Marked on calendar to participate in Now What Months – 1pt
  • Completed Wrimoverse end of season survey – 1pt
Black Hole Black Hole: To Infinity And Beyond! – 5 pts

  • Follow Wrimoverse on Twitter/Facebook – 1pt
  • Follow your home region on one form of social media – 1pt
  • Follow a ship captain on one form of social media – 1pt
  • Follow a shipmates on one form of social media – 1pt
  • Follow a cadet on a rival ship on one form of social media – 1pt