Here is a list of all available badges and the tasks you need to complete to earn each one. Every badge is worth 5 points each and some of them can be earned multiple times for more rewards.

All points build towards your ship’s standing in the Ship Cup, so be sure to log your points on a regular basis.

You can download, save and use the badges you earned on social media or your own site.

Do not link directly from these images, but be sure to download them to your own computer and use other hosting sites where needed. Thank you.

  Taking up the mask
Fill in your author info page.

Donning the cape
Create a novel project for nano 2017.

  Setting up the bat cave
Home to or join one of the Wrimoverse regions
  Wrimos assemble
Get assigned to a ship if you are new,
or let us know which ship you are returning to
  Gaining infamy and glory
Post a reply on the forums, or start a thread.
(Can be earned more than once)
  Wrimoverse signal activated
Attend the launch party (Wrimoverse Kick Off, November 1)
  Get shawarma
Visit the Wrimoverse chat
  Gather your forces
Attend a write-in event, virtual or in person
(Can be earned more than once)
  We need you!
Set up a word war by yourself for you and the others in the chat
  Rocking it
Attend midway event (Wrimoverse halfway party, November 15)
  Key to the city
Attend the party at Milliways (The Wrimoverse TGIO on November 30)
  Powers activate
Start writing
  Mini Victory
Reach the day one goal of 1667
  Kicking it
Double the first day goal
  Powering through
Reach 1k
  Power up
Write 5k
(Can be earned more than once)
  Just keep fighting
Reach 10k
  You can do it
Reach 25k
  Defeating the villain
Reach 50k
  Going above and beyond
Reach 50+
  Keep up the good fight!
Give or receive some kudos
(Can be earned more than once)
  Save the world
Back up your novel
  Thank a Super Hero
Participate in ML appreciation day
  Helping the people
Donate to NaNo, or use Goodsearch
  With great power comes great responsibility
Validate your novel