Australia :: Melbourne
ML: Lauren E. Mitchell
Chatroom: #melbnano
Website: Wikiwrimo: Melbourne
Twitter: @melbnano

Facebook: NaNo Australia :: Melbourne

Known as an UNESCO City of Literature, Melbourne is one of the more famous places in the land of down under. In the heart of this international culture centre we find one of NaNo’s oldest and most thriving regions.

Running on a unique mix of (lots of) coffee, determination and keen survival instincts, the Melbournian Wrimos avoid the deadly creatures and weather of Australia by locking themselves away for a month and writing like the world’s about to end.

With its many festivals, this vibrant city should be on everyone’s to visit list. Do be aware that the continent may try to kill you.

Canada :: Alberta :: Elsewhere
ML: aka-click, EmilyNH, scribbliz
Chatroom: #wrimosaurs
Website: Wrimosaurs

Alberta Elsewhere is home to the Wrimosaur, a prehistoric writerly creature that lives in the nooks and crannies of the Great White North.

Rarely seen outside of the month of November, the Wrimosaur proves itself an intrepid and inventive critter when it does appear. Ready to write at a moment’s notice. No plot is too big or too small for the Wrimosaur to tackle. It is a true literary wonder.

But fear not! Whether you’ve been doing NaNo for more than a decade or just joined up, the Wrimosaurs are sure to extend a warm welcome.

Canada :: Elsewhere In Canada
ML: aka-click
Chatroom: #canadaelsewhere

Ranging from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean and from the 49th parallel to the North Pole, this region covers every bit of the wonderful country known as Canada.

Although spread out over vast areas of land, Wrimos from all around gather here to band together and make this their writerly home. Here they can engage in friendly conversation, helpful peptalks and very polite word wars.

For those of you asking about the rumours. We can neither confirm nor deny whether Santa Claus and his household are active participants of this region. But if you run into names like “ManInRedSuit”, “RedNosedOne” or “Toymaker 011”, it’s best not to talk about it.

Europe :: Belgium :: Flanders
ML: Elyndra
Chatroom: #nanovlaanderen
Facebook: NaNoVlaanderen

Belgium Flanders covers the northern half of a tiny European country called Belgium. Spread out and smaller in number they might be, but you should not underestimate the Wrimos living there.

Known for their chocolate, fickle weather, whimsical writers, and the ever growing plotbunny horde that follows their ML around. They are a friendly region and always happy to meet new people, so don’t be afraid to come and say hello.

Just be warned you might end up going home with a few extra plotbunnies.

Europe :: Belgium :: Wallonia & Brussels
ML: CrimsonThirteen, Neina
Chatroom: #nanobelge
Facebook: NaNo Belgique

In the southern half of Belgium the Wallonia & Brussels region can be found. A quirky group of Wrimos dwell here who manage to be simultaneously uber chill and the most chaotic group of writers to be found on ChatNaNo.

Their regional mascot is a tiny creature called a Costasiella kuroshimae. Or in other words a sea sheep. (Yes, a sea sheep. No we didn’t know it existed either.) Gusfand the sea sheep to be exact, but you can call him Gus. If you behave. He was chosen by commission, because… well it was cute, so why not?

When you go visit be sure to bring your appetite because Belgian fries will definitely be on the menu here.

Europe :: England :: Elsewhere
ML: Ros Haywood, Dr Jon
Chatroom: #nanoanglo
Facebook: NaNo England Elsewhere

Stretching from Somerset in the South-West to Hadrian’s Wall in the North, England Elsewhere is the region for all the English Wrimos who are living on the edge… of other regions, that is.

As a country that is so steeped in history, mythology and folklore, there is more than enough plot inspiration to choose from. Rule with King Arthur and his knights, go and explore and figure out the secrets of Stonehenge, or write tragedy and comedy that would make old Shakespeare proud.

Don’t let the typical English weather fool you though. The Wrimos here are a warm and passionate bunch, who will be more than happy to welcome you with open arms.

Europe :: Luxembourg
ML: Eldarwen
Chatroom: #Luxnano
Facebook: LuxNaNo

Luxembourg, also known as the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, is one of the tiniest countries directly in the heart of Western Europe. The scenery is stunning, going from the more mountainous regions in the Northern area to the vineyards in the East, and with a big number of castles still standing proud.

Makers of wine, grape juice, and quite decent beer, you’ll certainly have plenty to taste if you were ever to visit.

And although the writers may be shy, they are writerly indeed, having taken on much bigger regions and won. By a landslide.

USA :: California :: Elsewhere
ML: Twinkle Toes the Berserker, harper57, art4earthlings, Venuslizard, janegotlost
Chatroom: #Calwrimos
Website: CalWrimos
Facebook: NaNo-CaliforniaElsewhere

California Elsewhere is home to a diverse group of scribblers across the Golden State of California. It covers all the nooks, crannies, and in-betweens of the three dozen other regions in the state.

The regional mascot, Elsie the bear, watches over all writerly proceedings in the region. Handing out bear hugs and gentle encouraging paw taps wherever they are needed.

Just be sure to pack enough sunscreen if you are visiting during the summer months, because warm isn’t just a description for the Wrimos living there.

USA :: Louisiana :: Lake Charles
ML: WitchyRobyn
Chatroom: #lakecharlesnano
Facebook: Lakecharleswrimos

Louisiana Lake Charles with their buccaneer gator mascot is one of the more colourful regions in the Wrimoverse. With rich culture, interesting history and the many amazing features and waterways it’s truly a sight to behold.

Their Wrimos might come across as a quiet group at first, but get to know them and you realise just how wonderful a bunch of writers they are. Fully committed to staying just a little this side of sane.

A region filled with pirate stories, southern cooking, and gators. What could possibly go wrong?

USA :: Massachusetts :: Norfolk/Bristol Counties
ML: cerrenes
Chatroom: #

Norfolk Bristol Counties is a culturally diverse area that houses many interesting places to visit. From the Battleship Cove with the world’s largest collection of WWII naval vessels, to the Lizzy Borden Bed and Breakfast Museum and its mysterious story. You are certain to have an interesting time and return with plenty of plot fodder.

Although the wrimos here are spread far and wide, they are a proud and brave bunch. Just like their mascot, Arnie the amazing aardvark.

And if you happen to be in the mood for some Lithuanian food, it is said that Sams makes the best meat pies in the area and far beyond.

USA :: Michigan :: Flint
ML: kdskid007, cgirl1979, BlackberrySpark
Chatroom: #flintredhots
Facebook: Flint Red Hot WriMos

Not many regions can boast that they once competed in a word war with the illustrious founder of NaNo, but the Michigan Flint region is one of those lucky few.

In fact their red chili mascot is a direct result of this fierce wordy war. Because as the historians tell it “Flint writers are Red Hot and Chris Baty was totally not.” Which proves they are both good writers and can dish out some friendly trash talking with the best of them.

If you are a NaNo rebel at heart, then you must be sure to pay this region a visit, for here the NaNo rebel flag flies eternal.

USA :: Michigan :: Muskegon County
ML: IronAngel Forge, Phoenixjewel
Chatroom: #muskegonnano
Facebook: MuskegonNanoGroup

Based in and around the greater Muskegon area along the lovely shores of Lake Michigan lies the Michigan Muskegon County region. A region as unusual and interesting as it is diverse.

Surrounded by water, wilderness and weirdness, and terrorised by their regional mascot The Skeeg, the Wrimos there are made of tough stuff. They have to be if they want to keep up with their MLs.

Visiting them is certainly an experience you’ll never forget. So be prepared to hide if you see a possessed typewriter coming your way.

USA :: Pennsylvania :: Elsewhere
ML: AlainaintheSky, Shewolf13, Kikotree, hedgymama
Chatroom: #PAElsewhere
Facebook: NaNoPa Elsewhere

Pennsylvania Elsewhere is a fairly spread out region with participants from all corners of the Pennsylvania area. It might seem deceptively small at first glance, but it’s bigger than you think and a tad difficult to get around in.

The Wrimos here are a wacky bunch, so it perhaps comes as no surprise that their mascot is even more peculiar. Uno the zombie raptor was so loyal to the region that even death could not stop him from keeping the Wrimos company.

Please do refrain from feeding him, or there will be a mess to clean.

USA :: Rhode Island :: Elsewhere
ML: Kistoway, Rue.Tylar
Chatroom: #rhodywrimos
Twitter: @Riwrimos

Rhode Island Elsewhere is a region set in the smallest state with the longest name. We’re not kidding, its full name is Rhode Island and the Providence Plantations. If that isn’t a mouthful, we don’t know what is.

Despite its small size it is home to a lot of wonderful writerly Wrimos and their cocky mascot Rudy the Rhode Island Red Rooster. Who is generally friendly, but will peck you if you slack off.

Fondly named the Ocean State it has a number of oceanfront beaches and a truly stunning shoreline. So be sure to bring a beach towel and a good book to read when you go there.