Prep Packets

Linked below are links to prep packets along with dates we will have events in the #wrimoverse chatroom. Check the calendar for exact times. Additional prep events may be added during the week in various regions if there is a demand.

  • Sunday October 16: Gearing up to Blast Off – Setting and Woldbuilding
    A prep event, open to all but with an emphasis on setting and Worldbuilding.
    Prep 2: Setting and Worldbuilding
  • Sunday October 23: Gearing up to Blast Off – Plot and Conflict
    A prep event, open to all but with an emphasis on creating a plot and conflict.
    Prep 3: Plot and Conflict



Wrimoverse MLS Certificate



Wrimoverse Launch Party Goodies Pack

wrimoverse boarding pass

Click the link above to access a full list of Images, Music & Ambient sounds, printables, and useful sites

Additional goodies:

Wrimoverse Bingo

We have selection of Bingo cards for each of our four ships. We have placed them as sheets in a Google spreadsheet so you can individually print one or more to your desire.

Inner Editor Crateinner-editor-crate

As  NaNoWriMo begins it is recommended that you either send your inner editor on a month long vacation or lock them up. For those who can’t afford the plane ticket to send your inner editor to the Bahamas we provide you a crate to hold them in until December arrives:

Print this out. Fold along the lines. Insert inner editor. You may want to use a bit of tape to make sure Editor stays put until December.


NaNo Radio


NANORADIO: The very unofficial fan run internet radio show for nano! New URL For 2016: with your host IronAngel 7pm EST until ???