Sorting Ceremony

The banquet hall of the Space Scribblers Academy was an almost cavernous affair of gleaming metal and glass. The view out of the huge windows was pretty spectacular. Gleaming stars against an almost pitch black background stretched out before them, except for the planet that they orbited around. The Earth could be seen from the corner of the room, looming below them in all its blue, green, white, and brown majesty. In the middle of the room was a platform of sorts. That was the staff table. The students’ tables surrounded the dais in a crescent shape, looming up over them in a stadium-style or lecture hall kind of way. The full staff was in attendance at their table.

Something else was there today. A large metal chair, looking much like the command center chairs from the Academy’s ships sat before the staff table. The cadets, especially the new cadets, eyed it with a combination of trepidation and curiosity. There was a lot of talk and chatter as the newest class to join the Academy waited on the dais, looking at each other nervously.

The Founding Father of the Academy and the Fleet Admiral of the SSA, Chris Baty himself, stood up from his place of honor at the table. He smiled at the line of new cadets. “Welcome each and every one of you, to the Space Scribblers Academy! I am Chris Baty, one of the faces behind the scenes. Most of you will know, or at least have heard of all of those standing behind me. They are the faces of this Academy and the ones you will be reporting to. Each our ships is special in their own right and their crews are no different. Each has their strengths and weaknesses and today, you will find out which ship you will be assigned to! In order to do that, I give the floor over to Captain IronAngel!” He grinned. “Don’t worry, I have to go now, but I will be back for the dedication of my namesake ship in a few weeks!  IA, the floor is yours.” Chris nodded to him and stepped back.

Captain IronAngel stood up from his place at the table in between his officers, adjusting his tie and clearing his throat. He was dressed in all black, as usual. “Welcome cadets!  You will be called, one by one, to come up here and sit in the S.T.A.R.S C.S.S. You will be scanned by the Chair and the computer will give you your ship assignment!” He looked down at the datapad in his hand and called the first name: Cadet Paige Knorr. One of the large windows seemed to flicker and it became apparent that it doubled as a sort of projector screen.



The cadet swallowed, looking frantically around for a moment as if unable to believe that she had to go first. IA smiled at her, motioning her forward. “Do not worry, it only hurts for a second!  Kidding, kidding! It does not hurt.” There were some chuckles from the other staff members and a few eye rolls as well. Paige swallowed once more, then held her head high and approached the impressive-looking chair. She sat down, her back ramrod straight for a moment before she relaxed as the chair began to glow a bit! She blinked and then tilted her head as if communicating with- something. After a moment, the giant projector screen behind her shimmered and then her name appeared. Below it was: new cadet of— MLS. P. Ninja!

Applause burst out from the staff’s table and her fellow cadets cheered. And so it went as each cadet was called to the S.T.A.R.S. – C.S.S.

mlsshovel2Crew List MLS D. Shovel mlsviking2Crew List MLS H. Viking
mlsbunny2Crew List MLS P. Bunny mlsninja2Crew List MLS P. Ninja


The long line of cadets slowly began to dwindle as each name flashed up on the screen along with their assigned ship. As they all stood there excitedly, IA strode forward, smiling. “Congratulations to each and every one of you! Please report to your ship lounge. You can get to know your fellow cadets. Your Ship officers will be by to collect you soon!” He clicked his heels together and gave them all a salute as the rest of the staff table did the same.