The Space Scribblers Academy Ships


mlsshovel2 mlsviking2
mlsbunny2 mlsninja2

The STARS, the Standard Team Analysis for Recruitment Sorting, will sort you into one of our four prestigious ships: The MLS. P. Bunny, MLS. P. Ninja, MLS  D. Shovel and the MLS. H. Viking. Each ship has their own quirks and preferences, captained by three academy leaders of questionable skills, who are just waiting to welcome you to their ranks.

During your time here at the academy, these ships will be your home. The crew will be your friends, your family, your biggest cheerleaders and most valiant supporters. They will cheer you on, help you climb out of potholes, give you a shoulder to cry on, or simply work alongside you to reach the prestigious goal of being admitted to the Madcap League of Scribblers. That is after all the end goal for all you cadets.

For a more detailed description and their current crew list, click the ship crest.
If you want to find out what ship you got assigned to, go to a ship page and ctrl+F or command+F your name.

Don’t have a ship to call home yet? Take the S.T.A.R.S. and get yourself assigned to one of the Space Scribblers Academy Ships.