MLS D. Shovel


On board the MLS D. Shovel, things are very low key and balanced. The Shovel is a hardworking ship, and tends to go where the MLS Academy deems they need the most help in telling of tales. Adaptable and always willing to lend a hand, Shovels keep an even keel no matter what happens.

Their Captain IronAngel Forge, whose leadership is a pretty unorthodox, is an engineer at the academy. He prefers to lead from the engine room, where he tinkers. Playing with ratios in the engines to see if he can achieve greater output at safe levels. All the while teaching the cadets a plethora of skills they would never learn in the classroom.
While he will tell you time and again that he is not a role model, he is teaching the cadets invaluable and (mostly) safe lessons. Just know that if it isn’t on fire, has to do with the engines or his forge, then it isn’t his department and you’ll be quickly sent off to the rest of the leading crew.

On the Bridge are Executive Officer Rue.Tylar, and Data Collector Utoxin.
Rue.Tylar, usually a communications teacher, is teaching the cadets languages in case their handy translator device stops working.  She oversees the day-to-day workings, coordinates with the other ships, and makes sure that everything runs smoothly. When she has some free time, she keeps herself busy trying to build a better Babel Fish Translator as she finds its current design lacking in tone and inflection of other languages.

Utoxin is a key point of contact with all the ships in the fleet.  Aside from collecting data, he can track almost any signal to its source.  He helps run down messages from the far points of the galaxy, and works on relays so that the signals from our personal and inter-ship communicators can reach even further.

Upon getting into the ship, the first thing IronAngel brought was his forge, to allow him to continue teaching blacksmithing. Besides, one never knows when a forge is needed. It certainly helps out the rest of the fleet whenever repairs and additions are to be made. Another section of the ship was outfitted with a nightclub. Its speakers consistently pump out Sisters of Mercy, and various Goth, Industrial, and other types of music.

The MLS D. Shovel is a balancer for the other ships. They keep the crew of the P. Ninja from being too strict about planning; they keep the crew of the P.  Bunny from going too far off the rails; and they keep the H. Viking from getting too reckless. Because of their many qualities they are also ideally suited to function as the fleet’s navigators. Telling the other ships where to go. Without them things would certainly run a lot less smoothly around the Academy.

Current Crew List

  • Captain IronAngel Forge
  • Commander Rue.Tylar
  • Lt. Jr. Grade EmilyNH
  • Lieutenant BlackberrySpark
  • Ensign harper57
  • Lt. Commander KikoIsAWizard
  • A Friend
  • adwagain
  • aminta-defender
  • amyleighallain
  • AnnaJ1981
  • ArchAngelAlpha1
  • areadersrambles
  • arthurthebold
  • Avareii
  • blk_roisin
  • carolinekcameron
  • CeliaLauna
  • cfmh
  • c-g-brill
  • cherryarachnid
  • Cisco_Says_Neigh
  • CJ Grace
  • cupiscent
  • dakka95
  • daydreaming-star
  • debwain
  • devyngrace
  • diamatus
  • DMK
  • Dollery
  • DoubleZo7
  • eenewell
  • Eireann Thornton
  • Ello
  • Emiloy
  • Erikrisz
  • frenziedwriter248
  • germanponies
  • ghostchips
  • gracie-olivia
  • guernica
  • Harley Twin
  • Iszy
  • jaja
  • JenCarllTong
  • krissilla
  • KWillsen
  • kyera
  • kyreesky
  • Lady_Eemia
  • Letterbee
  • LibMac
  • limeloveroftheworld
  • LizBlack
  • MandiQuid
  • MariaGabriellaA
  • Meeni
  • Mlle_Cath
  • Mystrell
  • novastra
  • pale_blue_sky
  • penn-warden
  • poetfaery
  • prairiechicken
  • reticent-fangirl
  • Reynardo
  • riona-o-inabha
  • Rookina
  • Samodermatt
  • samswritinghat
  • seraei
  • Shaooky
  • SilentSilverSlip
  • sirmeglin
  • SlackerPirate
  • StephShadow
  • taramay
  • thedreamwriters
  • therinstapp
  • tiffany567
  • Toledonative
  • TruWords101
  • urbandruid

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