MLS H. Viking


The intrepid MLS H. Viking, led by the fierce Eldarwen, stands ready to greet the skies.  Acting as scouts and defenders of the SSA. Sometimes being a bit impulsive, the crew is always the first on the ground of a new world. At times reckless, but always fearless, the MLS H. Viking is usually taking point on many a mission.

Eldarwen, former Human/Alien Liaison of the SSA, is now guiding her ship and cadets where they need to be, all while still in those killer heels.  As she leads her cadets through the unknown galaxies, she makes time to help them with their stories, as well as reading at a voracious pace.  Her courage is a beacon of hope to lead her cadets into possibly dangerous situations.
During the quiet moments inbetween adventures, she always finds the time to keep up with the many contacts and friends she formed during her time as Foreign – Human/Alien Liaison. Writing long letters and sending them all over the Wrimoverse.

At the helm of the MLS H. Viking, aka-click is teaching the cadets new forms of navigation, with and without computer assistance. She’s rather formidable as she towers over most of the cadets. Always kind, she is the ship’s biggest cheerleader, cheering on cadets and fellow crewmembers equally. She’s also known to teach some digital art and other useful skills when she isn’t at the helm guiding the ship.

Kdskid007 is an Ensign in Engineering. Rarely seen without a grease smudge on her face when she is seen. Making sure the engines run just right, purring like a kitten. She has turned a small corner over to work on all sorts of magical/mechanical stuff. Technomage stuff as some would call it. Yes she is not always found in the engine room, as sometimes she is actually needed back at Hufflepuff house, and there are times crew members have seen her disappear mid tinker. We’re almost certain she has a time turner but no one can prove it.

Being a ship full of adventure loving cadets, the Viking is outfitted with a real life obstacle course and a game room with a wide collection of puzzles, games, brainteasers and conundrums for those less physical oriented cadets amongst the crew. Giving them all the necessary training they need to overcome any plothole challenge they might encounter on their travels.

The crew of the MLS H. Viking, daring wanderers whose life goal is to see new things, will tread wherever the journey takes them. They enjoy spreading the stories of the SSA on all their travels.  Members of the Viking will never back down and are true and loyal to the end.
As defenders and scouts to the fleet they are invaluable to any good mission. Their love of the unexpected also reminds the more planning oriented ships that not everything always has to go to plan.

Current Crew List

  • Captain Eldarwen
  • Commander Aka-click
  • Lieutenant Kdskid007
  • Ensign Twinkle Toes the Berserker
  • Ensign CrimsonThirteen
  • aaffleck
  • ajconway
  • aldeulin
  • alexthezombiequeen13
  • AlleyCat
  • ampdupanime
  • Anne-Lilian
  • aprilespinosa
  • Blue Alisdair
  • boffy
  • Carnelian Red
  • catherine renee
  • clairecatbookworm
  • damola
  • dawnwings
  • embrace_the_cliches
  • Engea Thorn
  • epigrams
  • etlu_yume
  • Evenchaos146
  • Fayte Orchid
  • fleetsparrow
  • frostyferret
  • giola
  • gorgoneye
  • GuardiansFlame
  • handle
  • IBantics
  • iloveskittles05
  • jasmine-lea-scanlon
  • julialikesfrogs
  • k’
  • KanlyD
  • Katrina Thornley
  • kayl
  • LazeyWinde
  • literacylover
  • lorelev
  • Manxie
  • marie10
  • Meljce
  • merigreenleaf
  • Metalerak
  • Moonmaeven
  • Ms.Stuckey
  • nalaraia
  • Naomi Tilley
  • parziva
  • PFern
  • PhiliBWriting
  • Phoebe.G
  • poledragon
  • PWhite1021
  • quinquaginta_milia
  • rchstock
  • RedTigerRose
  • robinjhills
  • sandidolphin
  • sarah-frankie
  • sh3ll3y
  • SisterAilidh
  • sugarflake
  • sunnysssinger
  • Taieena
  • TeeJayJay
  • tessamardi
  • theherosinger
  • thornsoflife
  • tolkienwannabe
  • TrishAtwood
  • ukeks
  • Upsidedownsoul
  • user2006
  • WanderingWolf469
  • wolfpack
  • writers-soul
  • Yue-chan
  • Zukafu Chirimoarimoto

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