MLS P. Bunny


The MLS P. Bunny is a ship of thinkers and historians. They are the keepers of tales and tails as it were. They love of all things shiny, and will go to the ends of space in search of them; or get (not quite) lost following after one. Led by the Queen of Plotbunnies herself, Elyndra, the P. Bunny couldn’t be in better hands.

Upon arrival to the ship, she installed a miniature version of the plotbunny pen, which is a way to contain pure thought energy. They have a special transporter, that sends the little balls of fluff back to the SSA when the pens get too full, or to another ship that is in need of an extra bunny or two. This includes the P. Ninja ship, whose crew members are not always as keen on one showing up unexpected.

As the Head Plotbunny Wrangler at the SSA, Elyndra is always tending to and caring for the bunnies brought back from the far reaches of the Wrimoverse. She loves to teach the recruits and cadets about the importance of plotbunnies; and how they can help stories grow. Showing them each and every one of them has worth, and they should at least be pondered over. She is a firm believer that no bunny shall be left behind.

Shewolf, or Lt. Wolfy, is always on the bridge or performing her role as Security Officer of the Academy. Whether she’s leading the crew on drills and self-defence training, or checking out the status of ship’s security, there’s always something going on with her. She makes sure the crew and the new recruits are prepared for anything they might encountered on their travels through the Wrimoverse.

Skybluefusion is also aboard the P. Bunny, and she takes her job of Chief Inspiration Officer very seriously. She helps Capt. Elyndra tend the plotbunny pens, and makes sure that everyone keeps writing, all the while continuing to tell their tales. Skybluefusion is always there to remind us that no matter what life throws at us, there’s always a story to tell.

Aside from the plotbunny pens, there is also the epic pillow fort and a rather extensive library aboard the ship. Filled with books of any kind and a large collection of curiosities. In which it is very easy to get lost for hours… Seriously, don’t go wandering in there without a map, we’re pretty sure it’s part of the L-space.

The MLS P. Bunny has been known to disappear for months at a time on deep space shiny searching, and writing the histories of the fleet’s adventures as they go. They help remind the other ships to find joy in following the unexpected turns and to trust their imagination.
And while everyone gets a shift to mind the plotbunny pen, not many are willing to give up the shift to the next person. Could you resist a pen of tiny, adorable, fluffy energy balls?

Current Crew List

  • Captain Elyndra
  • Commander Shewolf13
  • Lt. Jr. Grade Lauren E. Mitchell
  • Lieutenant Ros Haywood
  • Ensign cgirl1979
  • Lt. Jr. Grade hedgymama
  • agdhani
  • aladyonwheels
  • aprincesscutfrommarble
  • Bethie44
  • Binx0r
  • CarrieBH
  • cherryjellybeans
  • ChineChan
  • chrisparsons3074
  • cjramsay
  • crazywaysareevident
  • Darfinkle
  • dirac-lotus
  • dutchessbarbie
  • Enchantress
  • Faecanuck
  • faeryofshalott
  • fal-shadir
  • finding-damo
  • gallifreying
  • gilbie-button
  • harrietgb
  • heathersegg
  • holly-ivy
  • iamobfuscation
  • jgmcdaid
  • Juliefe
  • Kalel Stacy
  • Kanyon Storme
  • karen-dem
  • Kaybean
  • kittielarue
  • Kudosia
  • kybaliona
  • Kyla2007
  • kyrrimar
  • largesobbingacrobat
  • leeannet
  • lionhuntermo
  • Lollipoppie
  • Lore_Of_Lavennia
  • loup-garrou
  • madwomanintherockies
  • magik028
  • maxpilote
  • MegBookworm
  • Merdyff
  • mgoodreads
  • miraning
  • mmouse
  • mollyjh
  • mosasaic
  • MrsSmys
  • ncristelli
  • nicoladawn
  • Paddewan
  • pixelatedskyes
  • rachwit
  • reconcilation
  • ReyBeltane
  • RoseateFox
  • sam.baldwin
  • Sanskriti
  • sarah-olsson
  • SarcasticShakespeare
  • siesta
  • sjofnhearts
  • StardustStorm
  • steph-up-2-the-streets
  • sticpixie
  • Sumayah
  • TelperionStargazer
  • the-fit-writer
  • themis01
  • war-pigs
  • whumpus
  • writermef

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