MLS P. Ninja


The MLS P. Ninja is the only ship in the fleet with a stealth drive, gifted from one of our first meetings with extra-terrestrial life. As the fleet’s mapmakers, they sometimes need to dodge roadblocks and plotholes. Led by the Raptor Wrangler and resident stealthy ninja, WitchyRobyn, the P. Ninja makes sure that all the maps of the known universe are up to date; and are always mapping out new sections of the universe. With a travelling raptor pen, holding no more than three to ten raptors, and a huge mapmaking room, the MLS P. Ninja deftly crosses the galaxy sneakily.

Another room that’s favoured by the cadets is the map keeping room, where copies of all the Wrimoverse maps are kept. The map rooms have always been there; the Raptor pen, and spinning and yarn craft room are more recent additions, courtesy of their Captain.

Captain WitchyRobyn keeps the raptor pens, and makes sure that everything is plotted and planned out to perfection.  She spends her days making lists, checking them repeatedly; and makes sure the ship is safely underway. When those tasks are handled, she teaches the cadets to spin yarn or knit, among other fun and creative pursuits. And she’ll never forget to get measurements from all the new cadets for…projects.
While she runs a very stern ship, insisting that everything be in its place and goes according to plan, she has learned to accept some deviations.  Although, the infernal plot bunnies that come over and tease the raptors into a frenzy are still a sore subject.

Also aboard the Ninja is the extremely unstealthy Kistoway, as Communications Officer, and head Disaster Officer she makes sure that all communication flows between the ships and the SSA.  She sees to all the signals going in and out of the ship, ensuring all i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed.  Ever helpful, Kistoway is always ready to aid the new cadets. From helping them improve their writing to warning them to stay away from the raptor pens, who she has hasn’t learned to trust yet. And while she’d never outwardly admit it, she loves all the plot bunnies that the MLS P. Bunny sends over.  Not that she would ever follow any of them; Kistoway adheres to the plan she wrote up like the proud Ninja she is, but they’re just so cute!!

Alainainthesky, the Photojournalist, and V.S.P. – Very Stealthy Person – is always finding ways to get the cadets to smile.  Known for wanting pictures of everything, she makes sure that she takes plenty; of herself, of cadets, of the Raptors, whatever. She also enjoys leading art gatherings, where everyone can get together and work on their paintings, drawings, sculptures and so on. Her bubbly spirit never fails to brighten the decks of the P. Ninja.

The MLS P. Ninja, a stealthy ship used for covert missions, and to go where the SSA cannot yet be seen.  As mapmakers, they are invaluable, because one cannot travel to a place without first knowing of its existence.  With their pens for raptors, the giant map-making room, and the map keeping room the P. Ninja is the all planning all the time ship.

Current Crew List

  • Captain WitchyRobyn
  • Commander Kistoway
  • Lieutenant AlainaintheSky
  • Ensign cerrenes
  • Lt. Jr. Grade Neina
  • _Hiraeth_
  • ambertides
  • AmiLazuli
  • Ashur
  • aspiring-scribbler
  • Bughnrahk
  • cadmean
  • celien
  • cheekychipmunk
  • ChrysalisSong
  • Curiously Jazz
  • Diogenes
  • dream-thief
  • dwcyrus
  • Erinseian
  • fangirlkitten
  • frockchick
  • glenflower
  • hsjuniper85
  • hush-rush
  • jana-n-436201
  • jennifer-weiner
  • jessica-smith
  • kalemba
  • Kandai
  • keeganzane
  • kewkew34
  • Kezie1
  • khuscen
  • kruimel
  • kwirkykwi
  • L.E.Morgan
  • Lalab21
  • LDWriter2
  • letterstowords
  • lil-red
  • Livvi
  • loretta-milan
  • lyssacolebooks
  • Maboeln
  • madoka2046
  • matthewparrish
  • mewlnir
  • Mikaela A. Ingram
  • Min96
  • minichurros123
  • mistybluehorizons
  • MKuschner
  • moodswing_
  • mrsquader
  • ms magpie
  • mydasaxia
  • nikitamarlay
  • Nykeez
  • olivethatcher
  • pbody_adams
  • pinkmarker
  • pj2105
  • platypodes
  • raina-star
  • RDWerdna
  • SarahWho77
  • Schrijfster_liv
  • SilentStormSociety
  • Space Cadet Cat
  • Spixley
  • Starlitdreamcapes
  • stephfafahh
  • teddyforest
  • Tippy Tapping
  • Vharri
  • waltandmartha
  • Xander Writes
  • Xaphear
  • yubs21
  • zefram-earl
  • zsidai

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